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Getting Started

The Pre-school day starts at 8.50am, the same time as The Meadow School. We are located in a mobile classroom located on the playground of the School. The Pre-school can be accessed from the front of the School, or from one of the back gates situated on School Lane.


On arrival, please wait in the playground until the out of school club leave the building and one of the Pre-school staff opens the door. Once the doors have been opened, please come in and get your child settled. You are welcome to stay for as long as you want to ensure your child is confident and happy for you to leave him/her.


Each child is allocated a peg with their photograph next to it where they can hang their coat and bag. These pegs are located in the middle of the building next to the toilets and kitchen. If children are staying for lunch there are two large plastic boxes in the classroom for children to put their lunch boxes inside.


Healthy mid morning snacks are provided for the children (at a cost of 25p per day – please see fees).


Buttercups try to go outdoors whatever the weather! So please make sure your children are properly equipped for the weather – warm clothes, waterproofs, gloves and hats for the winter, and sunhats and sun cream during the summer. If possible please label everything with your child’s name, so lost items can be returned promptly.


Children can get quite messy at Pre-school so we suggest that they come in old clothes so that their best items are not damaged. Aprons are available and we encourage children to wear them for messy activities, but paints and pen can still find their way on to clothes.


Children do not need to be potty trained before starting pre-school. If your child is not toilet trained when they start we ask that you provide nappies so that we can change your child. We have to return soiled nappies to you at the end of the session as unfortunately we do not have appropriate disposal facilities.


If you child is enrolled in the morning session – please arrive promptly at the back gate to collect them at 12pm. The back gate is open from 11.55am. Wait in the playground and your child will be brought out to you. The back gate is also opened at 12.55 pm for children being collected after lunch club. Please remember that if you are consistently late to collect your child, Buttercups will impose a fine which is £5 for each five minute period you are late. Exceptional circumstances will of course be recognised.


If your child is coming for the afternoon session, please wait in the playground at 12pm and a member of Buttercups will come and get you and escort you into the classroom. Afternoon sessions finish at 3pm, again, please be prompt when collecting your child. Children can be picked up from the front or back gates at 3pm. The same fining system will apply if you are consistently late.


There is no uniform, but we do have a Buttercups sweatshirt that can be purchased for £8. Second hand sweatshirts are also available; please contact a member of staff.


Buttercups operates on a term time basis, the same as The Meadow School. For term dates, please contact a member of staff or visit the meadow school website.