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Parent Voice

Parent Voice is run by the parents and carers of children at the Meadow School. Parent Voice is not about fundraising or governing the school, it’s about creating a platform for parent’s voices to be heard from, creating opportunities for parents to be involved in school matters, encouraging parents as volunteers and improving communications between the school and the parents/community.

Parent Voice Charter


  • Parent Voice is an open forum for all parents and carers to constructively discuss ways in which we can support the school, and each other
  • Parent Voice is a collaboration between parents and the school.
  • Parent Voice sits alongside the PTA and liaises with the governing body, school leadership and staff.
  • Parents are actively encouraged to contact with suggestions, or to volunteer their time and/or skills to the school
Through our half termly meetings Parent Voice discusses and actions ideas and reports on progress made. All parents and carers are welcome.

Parent Voice Constitution


The Parent Voice exists to represent parents and carers of The Meadow school. This is the constitution for The Meadow School Parent Voice.


The objectives of the Parent Voice are:

  • To work with the school proactively to create a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • To gather the views of parents and carers on issues which affect them and their children and to communicate these views to the school leadership and Governing Body
  • To promote partnership between parents and staff at the school
  • To work with parents and school staff to support the education and welfare of the children.
  1. All parents are welcome to every meeting. To be effective the Parent Voice needs parents from all age groups within the school to attend the meetings.
  2. The position of secretary and chairperson are currently shared between Karen Arnott and Sarah Green, and the administration is covered by them also.
  3. The positions may be reallocated subject to discussion at Parent Voice meeting. Indeed if Karen or Sarah are no longer able to commit to these roles they may step down giving half a term’s notice. The structure of the Parent Voice will be reviewed as appropriately, or annually, whichever comes first.
  4. A member of staff or pupil may be present at a Parent Voice meeting, according to the agenda, to assist with carrying out its functions.
  5. The Parent Voice at The Meadow School is accountable to the Head teacher and Governing body.
  6. The annual meeting will take place in the second half of the autumn term each year. Parents will be informed of the date, time and place 2 weeks in advance.
    The meeting will include:
    1. A report on the work of the Parent Voice
    2. A review of the structure of the Parent Voice and reallocation of roles
    3. Discussion of any other issues raised in advance by parents/carers of children at the school.
  7. The Parent Voice will meet half termly. If a vote is necessary to make a decision at the meeting, each parent present will have one vote. In the event of a tie the Chairperson will have the casting vote.
  8. All minutes will be placed on the school website. Alternatively, copies of the minutes of all meetings will be available to parents and carers of children at the school and to staff by contacting
  9. The Parent Voice is not for specific personal complaints, these are best addressed to a relevant staff member or the Head or the governing body.
  10. This constitution can be changed at the Annual Meeting, details of any changes  will be recorded in the minutes and the constitution will be amended accordingly.



Parent Voice Summary