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Our Aims

Aims of the School

The Meadow aims to deliver high quality education to children between 4-11 years from

Balsham and the surrounding villages of West Wickham, West Wratting, Weston Colville and

Streetly End. Specifically, we aim to:

1. Provide a learning environment that is safe, stimulating, happy and orderly to ensure

effective teaching and learning.

2. Offer a curriculum that encourages all children to be:

Successful learners

- who are resourceful, enquiring and self-reliant as well as being

cooperative with others;

Confident individuals

- who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives: valuing

themselves and respecting others;

Responsible citizens

- who are reliable and thoughtful and make a positive contribution to


3. Promote the school as a resource for the community of the villages and play a part in

developing that community.

4. Maintain a working environment for all staff that is congenial, safe and challenging

enough to offer opportunities for professional development.