The Meadow Primary School is a 4-11 school, situated in the beautiful village of Balsham. For further information, please make contact with the school office.

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The Instrument of Government for the Meadow School dictates that the governing body should consist of a maximum of 12 governors made up as follows:


Parent Governors (minimum 2)

Staff Governors (minimum 2)

Community Governors (minimum 4)


Currently this is made up of governors who individually bring a wealth of experience and skills to the school to make up a Governing Body whose aim is to provide a Strategic View, act as a Critical Friend and ensure Accountability:

The governors attend four Full Governors meetings a year as well as serving on either the Standards or the Resources committee that meet once a term.


The Standards Committee deals with the Curriculum, Standards of Teaching and Learning and Data and Assessment.


The Resources Committee deals with Finances, Personnel, Health & Safety and Premises issues.

Extracts from the Governors Code of Practice


  • Governors have a responsibility for determining; monitoring and keeping under review the policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.  The headteacher is responsible for the implementation of policy, day-to-day management of the school and operation of the curriculum.


  • All governors have equal status and although governors are appointed and elected by different groups, their central concern is the welfare of the school as a whole.


  • Governors have a general duty to act fairly and without prejudice at all times.


  • In so far as they have, or share, responsibility for the employment of staff, governors should fulfil all reasonable expectations of a good employer.


  • Governors should consider carefully how their own decisions might affect other schools.


  • Governors should encourage open government and should be seen to do so.


  • Governors do not act alone but as members of a corporate team.  Individual governors have power only when it is delegated specifically to them by the whole governing body.



  • Being a governor involves a commitment of significant amounts of time and energy.  Careful regard should be made to this when agreeing to serve or to continue to serve on the governing body of the school.


  • All governors should involve themselves actively in the work of the governing body and accept a fair share of responsibilities, including service on committees.


  • Regular attendance at meetings of both the full governing body and committees is essential.


  • Governors should know the school well and take opportunities for involvement in school activities.


  • Governors must observe complete confidentiality when asked to do so by the governing body, especially in relation to matters concerning individual staff, pupils or parents and exercise the highest degree of prudence when discussion of potentially contentious issues arises outside the governing body.

As employers, we follow safer recruitment standards and all new governors should expect to have an Enhanced DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service search to check that there have been no criminal convictions against that person). Governors are not teachers and our role is not to be like Ofsted and inspect the school. We are there to offer a different view and to ask questions to help the school in its own self monitoring.

If you are interested in joining the Governing Body please approach the Chair of Governors, Mrs Clare Gorman to discuss it further. The role can be very rewarding but does demand a considerable time commitment.